Welcome to the Outcome Medical of Georgia web site. Odds are good that you are viewing our site because you or a loved one are one of the 75 million chronic pain sufferers in our country.We are a nation with the most advanced medical technology on the planet, yet the numbers of chronic pain sufferers continue to grow.We want you to know THERE ARE SOLUTIONS that can help lead to reversal of the most severe symptoms of most chronic pain conditions. The procedures and protocols in use at Outcome Medical of GA, LLC were developed by Board Certified Physicians  in our own clinics where we treated thousands of patients suffering with chronic pain conditions such as diabetic neuropathy, back pain and fibromyalgia to name just a few.If you are on a treadmill of medications for pain, sleep deprivation, and who knows what else it may time to step back and rethink your current way of managing your pain.  The unique treatment protocols utilized by Outcome Medical of Georgia have helped thousands of patients to reduce or completely eliminate those drugs that kept them focused on their pain, and not experiencing the quality life that pain has robbed from them.Take a look at the drug flow chart and you will start to understand why so many chronic pain patients are doomed to a life of mental fogginess, sleepless nights, pain and a treadmill of medications.

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Medical Professionals

Earl J. Snyder, M.D. General Surgeon

Donna Paul, M.D. Rheumatologist


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