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Our mission is to reverse chronic pain.

Outcome Medical of Georgia offers a pain treatment program that’s different from traditional pain management.  We look at the whole person; for example, we utilize diagnostics of the sensory nerves, nutrition analysis and management, musculosketal, and blood work.  Research has validated that the body has trillions of cells that make up untold nerve pathways with electrical energy pulsing through these pathways to maintain our bodies.  The body is also composed of vast amounts of chemicals.  Because of the electrical and chemical make up of the body it is logical to use the EST therapy to communicate with the cells that are injured.  Pulsed Electronic Signals used at Outcome Medical of Georgia enter the body utilizing the same wave forms the brain uses to communicate with the cellular system.  According to many studies controlled electrical wave forms travel through established nerve pathways and work to initiate cellular repair and regeneration, as well as mitigation of the inflammation.


THE PAIN LOOP.  The human body is amazing and complex.  When we  talk about pain, we must be aware of what is called “The Pain Loop”;  simple in concept, but complex in reality.  The body always wants to protect and heal itself, so when we are injured, the injury is immediately communicated to the brain.  The brain’s response to this message is to begin the process of protecting the injured area.  It is believed that muscle spasms are billions of electrical impulses triggered to create what we call “NATURE’S SPLINT”. The spasms restrict body movement to prevent further injury.  The second step in the loop process is “PAIN”.   Pain alters the way we use our body so if it hurts, we don’t use the muscles involved.  That’s the theory anyway.   This process, “THE PAIN LOOP”, repeats itself over and over and can go on for years.  Traditionl interventional pain uses spinal nerve blocks with the theory that if you interrupt the pain loop, the body can repair itself.  These doctors rely, to a large degree, on medications for pain, inflammation, and anxiety to help patients deal with the pain.  Our doctors work on the therory that blocking the pain is an important part of treatment, but that the integation of therapy to resolve damage to the cells involved must be added if you are to break the pain loop and help the patient move on with his or life without living on a treadmill of medications.


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Earl J. Snyder, M.D. General Surgeon

Donna Paul, M.D. Rheumatologist


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