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Balance and Dizziness Testing
Dizziness and Balance Are Correctable

Balance Self Test

Balance and Dizziness Testing
Falls in the age 40 and older population are epidemic in our country and are a leading cause for Emergency Room   visits.  Each year up to 33% of older adults fall, with many    resulting in serious injury.  One of the biggest reasons for this epidemic is primary care physicians do not have the training or the equipment to accurately assess the reason for a patient’s dizziness  or balance problems.

At Outcome Medical Of Georgia, we have the latest State-Of-The-Art testing technology to accurately diagnose your dizziness and balance problems and get you on a quick road to recovery.  Our testing will tell  us if it is your ear, your central nervous system or something else causing your problem.   We have a network of Physical Therapists who are certified to provide rehab for these conditions.

Dizziness and Balance Are Correctable
Balance and Dizziness problems can be corrected when properly diagnosed.  Physician referrals for the test are not required, and everything is covered by Medicare and most insurance companies.

Dizziness or Vertigo can be caused by disturbances in a particular part of the   inner-ear…the vestibular system.  This is the part of your balance system that provides your brain with information about movement with respect to the pull of gravity.  Our diagnostic system can identify if there are any problems in the vestibular system and assure the patient proper treatment.

Balance Self Test
Take the fall risk test. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you should be tested. Testing is covered by Medicare and most insurances. Best of all, the tests are performed while you are sitting comfortably for approximately 25 minutes.

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1.  Yes No Have you fallen in the past year?
2.  Yes No Do you lose your balance when standing?
3.  Yes No Do you loose your balance when you initially get up after sitting?
4.  Yes No Do you get dizzy, faint or have seizures?
5.  Yes No Does it take you more than one try to get up out of a chair or out of bed?
6.  Yes No Do you trip over your own feet or objects on the floor?
7.  Yes No Do you take corners too sharp, bump into corners or door frames?
8.  Yes No Do you use a walker, cane or need assistance to get around?
9.  Yes No Do you lose your balance, feel unsteady or stagger when walking?
10.  Yes No Have you had a recent loss of or decrease in vision or hearing?
11.  Yes No Do you have numbness or loss of sensation in your feet or legs?
12.  Yes No Have you experienced a stroke, accident or any other health problems that may have affected your balance?

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  • A fall is a common event that takes away the independence of older adults.
  • Each year, up to a third of older adults suffer a fall.
  • 25% of older Americans who suffer a hip fracture after a fall will die within 6 months.
  • Two thirds of older adults who have a history of a fall in the past year will fall again within 12 months.
  • Treating fall injuries is extremely expensive.
  • Inner ear disorders are the leading cause of falls.
  • 33% of all seniors fall each year.
  • Over 69 million people suffer with vestibular disorders.

You Do Not Have To Be Part of These Statistics. There Are Effective Treatment Options For Vestibular Disorders.


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