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DSC_0783At Outcome Medical of Georgia LLC,  our goal has always been to achieve the best possible outcomes for our patients. To that end, we have maintained an open mind to ideas that do not always fall within the lines of traditional medicine, such as nutrition and hormone replacement. We have been, and still are, open to technologies that we believe help our patients improve the quality of their lives. We are not “anti medications”; we are “anti over-dependence” on drugs as the main solution to all pain problems.

The first thing our new patients discover when they come Outcome Medial of Georgia, is the family atmostphere.  The doctors and staff are very hands on and compasionate because know that chronic pain has very adverse affect one emotions and often the patients need to know and feel that we understand and know how thier pain has impacted on their entire life as well as the lives of their family.  A caring heasrt and a warm fiendly smile is often as importnat as the medications the patient takes for their pain.


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Medical Professionals

Earl J. Snyder, M.D. General Surgeon

Donna Paul, M.D. Rheumatologist


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